Wallet Strategy

Wallet-based strategy

The wallet-based Strategy is a straightforward approach to managing a DAO's decision-making process. Under this strategy, each wallet on the wallet is granted an equal vote, regardless of the number of tokens held by each participant. Here's a closer look at this strategy:

  • Equal Voting Power: In the wallet-based Strategy, every approved participant has the same voting power. This approach ensures that each member's voice carries equal weight in the decision-making process.

  • Approved Participants: The founder of the DAO maintains a predefined list of wallet addresses that are eligible for participation. Only those on the wallet can vote and engage in the DAO's activities.

  • Simplicity and Inclusivity: This strategy is known for its simplicity. It's an excellent choice when you want to ensure that a select group of participants, regardless of token holdings, can make decisions for the DAO.

Available Voting Strategies

Basic Voting or Referendum

This is a straightforward and commonly used voting method. Participants can vote "YES," "NO," or "ABSTAIN" on a given proposal. Each vote has equal weight, and the option with the most votes wins.

Polling with Multiple Answers

In this voting strategy, participants can vote for a single answer among multiple options. It's useful for situations where there are several possible choices, and participants can choose the one they prefer.

Approval with Multiple Answers

This strategy enables participants to vote for multiple answers, and all their votes are counted equally. It's suitable for scenarios where participants can support multiple options simultaneously.